Who should you vote for?

A lot of information is out there from various candidates about themselves and claiming that they are the best, and they have x years of services in the government, involved as a volunteer with organizations, etc., photo ops with the who is who and suddenly, they are now the best/strong candidate with power brokers, and keyboard warriors also touting them as one, but are they?

We see far too many groomed politicians in the political landscape.  Our political system at any level is a mess! We repeatedly hear that one must be this or that and then they are qualified to become a politician (and in this case a councillor). Should we not elect candidate with the proper skill sets that will help build a strong council? And what happened to the transferable skills?

The sad part with elections at the local level, is that residents are most likely to vote for:

1) the incumbent

2) the candidate the power brokers or keyboard warriors’ touts

3) a name at random or the candidate with the most signs.

Few do their homework or look at what kind of skill set the council is lacking and sorely need! If residents replace one with another with the wrong skill set that the council does not need, they are not acting for the best interest of the city or residents. They are just churning one candidate for another.

What must voters do?

1) Look at the composition of the council. Do we have the skill sets from all the councillors that will make a strong council.

2) Look at the background of the councillor or candidates. (Example, sitting on the budget committee doesn’t count and it has been demonstrated that councillors are clueless on budgets, finances and costs of operations as demonstrated repeatedly from council meetings.) Do they have the transferable skills that will complement other councillors in the council.

3) Vote wisely. Do not let the power brokers or keyboard warriors influence your decisions. Question why a person is being heavily promoted or bashed. Find out who their backers (or bashers) are.

5) Are there substances to what they claimed they are or what they did. Or are they professionally written that do not mean anything!!!

4)Know why you are voting for a certain candidate and how they can help make a better city you live in!

If we want change, October 24, 2022, is your chance to make a difference. Do your homework and do it well!